Friday, March 28, 2008

A Majority of None

Members of the Coalition have received a message from Associate Librarian of Library Services Deanna Marcum, to the effect that the ERR staff is "very happy" with the "relocation" of the ERR. The truth is a bit more complex and much less happy than the message implies. The EURR staff has been pressured for several days by the administration to sign a statement, consistent with Marcum's claim. Please note that the staff has REFUSED to oblige and has not supported it. Marcum's statement speaks for a majority of none.

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Anonymous said...

This is a copy of the message from Deanna Marcum. It was distributed to the members of the Association of Research Libraries.

"Dear ARL Colleagues,

Many of you have seen the listserv messages about the European Reading Room at the Library of Congress. I think it is important that you know that we are relocating, not closing, the European Reading Room. The staff will stay where they are and the reading room will be in the adjacent pavilion, a room that is even more beautiful, and a space that was originally designed as a specialized reading room. There will be no disruption in services to our readers, and there will be no changes in the staffing of the European Division

The staff, contrary to the listserv rumors, are quite happy about the relocation, and they will issue their own message tomorrow. It is the case that the current European Reading Room will be used as exhibit space, but we believe that this is completely in keeping with our public mission. When the tunnel connects the Library of Congress to the Capitol Visitor Center, we expect to see the number of visitors double. On-site researchers are declining in number, as we should expect as we digitize resources for the Web; meanwhile, our Web users

We are trying to serve our many audiences equally well. We believe that relocating the European Reading Room will have no deleterious effect on the services to our on-site researchers. We also believe that the Library has a responsibility to provide services to all Americans, and for many, the educational value of exhibits is important. So, we strive for balance.

I ask your help in distributing factually accurate information to your faculty and students.

Many thanks.